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Thursday, September 25  6:30-10:00pm

at Larkin's Sawmill at North Main

Tickets $15

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Hunger in Greenville

Childhood hunger is a real issue in Greenville County. 49.5% of our children are eligible for free or reduced lunches.
1 in 4 children under 5 years old are living in poverty.
In 2013, Loaves & Fishes provided food for over 35,000 children in need and over 215,000 other individuals.

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Tickets Available at the Door $15


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"How many kids in poverty have apples and oranges when they come home from school? These kids do because of you. The nutrition our kids get because of your group is incredible. It is better than most upper middle class kids get when they get home from school."

Matt Reeves, The Frazee Dream Center