A Sweet Gift, a Changed Life - Loaves and Fishes
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A Sweet Gift, a Changed Life

A Sweet Gift, a Changed Life

GREENVILLE, SC –  Mast General Store in Greenville is partnering with Loaves & Fishes this Valentine’s to restock their community food pantries. The annual Be a Sweetheart, Feed the Hungry campaign, February 9 & 10, matches each pound of candy purchased at Mast Store with a $1 donation that our partners then stretch to:

  • Supply foods to encourage healthy eating – over 68% of the food distributed in 2016 is recognized by Feeding America as foods that focus on good health, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.,
  • Rescue foods that would otherwise be discarded from restaurants and other businesses,
  • Feed seniors who may never have had to worry about food until their spouse passed away, and
  • Nourish hungry veterans who are struggling to put enough food on their tables.

With your help, our food security partners can do amazing things with that $1. But if you aren’t looking for sweets this holiday, you can still make a difference and help out by dropping your spare change in the collection jars on the counter or by rounding up your purchase to the next dollar at the register. A donation of any amount can make a big difference.

Remember, hunger does not discriminate and is not just an issue within the homeless community. Loaves & Fishes’ mission is to eliminate food insecurity among our neighbors by working to ensure no good food goes to waste. Through a network of donors (restaurants, caterers, grocery stores, etc.), drivers specially trained in food handling procedures pick up fresh foods and deliver them to over 90 partners including senior centers, child care facilities, and soup kitchens, which serve over 300,000 individuals.

Like many non-profit organizations, Loaves & Fishes relies on volunteers and donations for much of its success. There are opportunities to get involved on a personal or group level. Learn how to fight hunger in your community. Stop by the information table during the event or click over to their website at www.LoavesandFishesGreenville.org.