About Hunger

Hunger is Real in Our Community


Over 45,000 of our neighbors are unsure of where one of more of their meals will come from today.
76% of households receiving food assistance have children under 18 years of age in the household.
53.25% of Greenville County School District students are eligible for free or reduced meals
35.6% of children receiving subsidized meals rate “below basic” on the English/Language Arts PACT test.
14.8% of children in Greenville County live in poverty.

Food Insecurity is defined as the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food.

45,610 people in Greenville County are food insecure.

Two thirds of the food insecure in our community are single parent families with young children and 12% are senior citizens.

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Hunger is Complex

The Loaves & Fishes’ team is aware of the complexities of hunger and food insecurity. We continue to learn and to seek ways to make a more substantial impact on hunger in our community. In addition to feeding the hungry, we are advocates of reducing food waste and reallocating food usage and cost.