Donate Food - Loaves and Fishes
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Donate Food

Anyone Can Give

Loaves & Fishes rescues food from businesses and organizations such as grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, wholesale food distributors, churches, and corporate cafeterias. We receive donations from over 150 food donors and are always looking for more.

How to Donate Food

Got food? We accept donations of:
  • perishable foods
  • prepared foods
  • non-perishable (canned) foods
  • fresh produce from gardens
  • surplus from corporate events, parties, or vendors

To donate food,

simply box up fresh or prepared food, call us at (864) 232-3595, and we will arrange for pickup or delivery to one of our partners. If donating catered foods from an event, contact us in advance so we can schedule one of our refrigerated trucks to be available. Make certain your donation is properly stored prior to pick up to ensure the highest regard for food safety.

To conduct a food drive,

download and read our 2018 Food drive guidelines and we will contact you to schedule your drive. The best drives are month-long events that incorporate a contest of some kind. Ask for specific items such as peanut butter or tuna fish, which gives participants an idea of what to donate. Loaves & Fishes will pick up food drive donations, too!

Our pickup and delivery hours:*

Monday – Friday from 7:45 am – 4:30 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

*If you have a food donation available outside of this timeframe, please call (864) 232-3595, as we may be able to make arrangements to better suit your schedule.

Food Donations Are:

 Risk-free. Give without risk of liability under the Emerson Bill Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and the SC Good Samaritan Law.
 Picked up. If your donation can feed 25 people or more, we will pick up your donation at no charge.
 Tax deductible. Loaves & Fishes will provide a tracking report with the amount and type of food donated. Consult a financial advisor to apply the correct donation.