Donate Food

Anyone Can Give


Loaves & Fishes rescues food from grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, wholesale food distributors, churches, and corporate cafeterias. We receive donations from over 150 food donors and are always looking for more.

How to Donate Food

We accept donations of:*

  • non-perishable (shelf-stable) foods
  • fresh (unwashed) produce from gardens
  • perishable foods
  • prepared foods
  • surplus from corporate events, parties, or vendors

*Only NON-PERISHABLE food and small amounts of UNWASHED fresh produce are accepted at the office. Please call to make arrangements for all other perishable items.

Check out our Amazon Wishlist to find our most-needed food items. Make sure you are shopping via Amazon Smile!

To donate food:

You are welcome to bring any non-perishable items to our office during office hours. It works best if you box up your canned food in sturdy boxes (ie: paper boxes, banana boxes). If you have perishable items that need refrigerating or have prepared food to donate from an event, please call our office ahead of time to make arrangements. We do not have refrigeration on-site but can work with you to set-up pick-up and/or delivery times. Make certain your donation is properly stored prior to pick up to ensure the highest regard for food safety.

To conduct a food drive:

Download our Stock the Shelves Food & Fundraising Drive welcome kit for information on how to host a successful drive! The best drives are month-long events that incorporate a contest of some kind. Canned food drives aren’t just limited to the holidays, either. Summer and year-round canned food donation are very helpful to our community pantries! If your donation is large enough, we will even send a driver to pick it up! Contact Nathaniel McCrary to coordinate pickup or drop-off.

Stock the Shelves Food & Fundraising Drive

We Are Open for Food Donation Drop-Offs:**

Monday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

**Please call before you plan to drop by with your donation.  If you would like to make a food donation outside of the above timeframe, please call (864) 232-3595, as we may be able to make arrangements to better suit your schedule.

Food Donations Are:


 Risk-free. Give without risk of liability under the Emerson Bill Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and the SC Good Samaritan Law.
  Able to be picked up. If your donation can feed 25 people or more, we will pick up your donation at no charge.
 Tax deductible. Loaves & Fishes can provide a tracking report with the amount and type of food donated. Consult a financial advisor to apply the correct donation.