Join JP in Support of L&F - Loaves and Fishes
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Join JP in Support of L&F

Jonathan (“JP”) Philipsen of Green Cloud Technologies serves on the Board of Loaves & Fishes. Join him in his support of our mission to ensure no good food goes to waste and no neighbor goes hungry.
JP Phillipsen 2020 Headshot
I am passionate about Loaves & Fishes because there is a need in every corner of Greenville County to help our neighbors.  As one of the fastest growing communities in the country there is a ton of opportunity for some, but this opportunity for some creates losses for others.  Urban development has a potentially devastating impact for those that live in areas in which the grocery store they used to walk to has become a condo or multi-use facility.


Shrinking the food scarcity issue, enhancing food distribution, building awareness, and minimizing waste are efforts that I can rally around and want to be a part of, and Loaves & Fishes is a great platform for making a difference.
Loaves & Fishes is a nonprofit committed to rescuing food & reducing hunger. The simple connection between surplus food and hungry people is a Loaves & Fishes truck. Daily, Loaves & Fishes drivers and volunteers rescue food and deliver it free of charge to 100+ agencies in Greenville County. Your donations make this critical work possible.