Become a Partner Agency

Are You Passionate About Feeding the Hungry?

We partner with organizations that are able to directly feed the hungry in our community. These agencies receive timely, consistent deliveries of food items – at no charge from us – to be distributed to families in need in our community.

Partner agencies are required to be one of the following:

 A 501(c)3 organization.

 A church (or meet nine of the characteristics listed on the church qualifier form).

 A Section 8 certified apartment community

 An established feeding program

All partners must have a physical address for the food assistance program that is not a private residence. Each agency is required to submit a monthly report including demographic data that allows us to better serve them and report true numbers to our partners a the United Way. To ensure compliance, Loaves & Fishes conducts annual partner agency reviews. We are able to assess changes in feeding programs and additions to capacity and ensure food is being properly utilized. Agencies who do not comply are removed from our delivery schedule.

Agency applications are reviewed regularly. Receipt does not guarantee delivery.  Loaves & Fishes accepts new agency applications depending on several factors, including service dates and times, geographic area served, route availability and more.  Feel free to contact the office for any questions about your application status.

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