Puppy Pow Wow: Auction for a Good Paws - Loaves and Fishes
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Puppy Pow Wow: Auction for a Good Paws

Loaves & Fishes is this year’s beneficiary of the Alfred Williams & Co annual Good Design Challenge. For this year’s challenge, Alfred Williams & Co provided eight Architectural and Design Firms with a Magis Puppy to use as their canvas of expression. The theme of this year’s challenge is “Filling Our Hearts & Communities.”

Pups were bid on during a silent auction November 12th. Each Puppy found its forever home and all proceeds went to support Loaves & Fishes’ mission to reduce hunger in Greenville County through rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted and delivering it our partner agencies for distribution to those in need.



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Check out the 2020 Design Challenge Puppies

McMillan Pazdan Smith – Spartanburg
The MPS design team’s Magis Puppy was brought to life as a bold lion through rich textures, various earth tone colors, and a combination of geometric and organic shapes. The design is intended to break away from a traditional lion appearance much like the abstracted Magis Puppy itself. The piece features a variety of fabrics, yarns, fringes, and trims.

Puppy Spring Rider
Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood
An ode to childhood. Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood has reimagined a playground favorite, the spring riders of our youth.

Craig Gaulden Davis
Meet LINEus! LINEus is a spontaneous and spirited pup always on the search for a tennis ball. Jumping and charging into life head on, LINEus embodies playful movement. With a focus of using as few materials as possible, coffee stir sticks were selected as the main material to represent “Line” because the wood is environmentally-friendly, compostable and readily available. LINEus can’t wait to meet new guests and hopes to find a forever home filled with an energetic and coffee-loving family.

Rescue Patches
Bonitz – Greenville
Patches came to us in pieces, but with a little love and glue. He became our Paw Patrol Extraordinaire (PPE)-safety first- through and through. He patrols our jobs daily. He does not just lay on the floor. There is so much work to be done. Drywall, ceilings, and so much more. So please adopt Patches. To help him continue his quest. Your donation will help thousands. To help them be their very best!

Puppy 1
LS3P’s concept in design was to pay tribute to the name Loaves & Fishes while exemplifying their values in reuse. The leather materials used for the first puppy was rescued from a local artist and given new form to mimic a loaf of bread with special attention paid to the use of color. The overall goal was to have minimum waste and reflect the values and name of Loaves and Fishes in support of their mission.

Puppy 2
LS3P’s concept in design was to pay tribute to the name Loaves and Fishes while exemplifying their values in reuse. Puppy 2 is made from reused tissue paper is meant to reflect fish scales and contrast the neutral tones of the first puppy. The overall goal was to have minimum waste and reflect the values and name of Loaves and Fishes in support of their mission.

ID Studios
Born Magis The Puppy on January 1, 2020, this little guy has had quite the year. The promise of a new year, with all of its possibilities, quickly vanished for this newborn. It all started when Clemson lost the National Championship. From there the year continued to decline and our little friend became hardened – rigid and white – by life itself. Magis took everything in stride and did as he was told even when murder hornets invaded and hurricanes ravaged the earth. In his true optimistic form Magis renamed himself “2021”. Although he cannot forget all that happened this year he also wants it known that the past is the past and the future remains bright. Bright as the single graceful stream of yellow wee that not only acknowledges the events of the past but looks to the future.

To the (Food) Rescue
Loaves & Fishes
Seven days a week 364 days a year, Loaves & Fishes’ drivers and volunteers deliver fresh, healthy food free-of-charge to our partner agencies. To us and our 102 partner agencies, they are heroes. Our puppy is a celebration of the SUPER work they do to help feed the over 53,000 people experiencing food insecurity in our community.