Greenville Community Helps Fund Food Rescue Truck - Loaves and Fishes
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Greenville Community Helps Fund Food Rescue Truck

Greenville Community Helps Fund Food Rescue Truck

GREENVILLE, SC (September 17, 2018) – Loaves & Fishes is Greenville’s food rescue organization that is solely responsible for rescuing 2.3 million pounds of food in 2017 and delivering it to nearly 100 agencies feeding the hungry in our Greenville community. They do all of this with a fleet of three trucks and have recently replaced their aging produce truck thanks to generous community partners. In May, Loaves & Fishes was awarded $50,000 by Greenville Women Giving, which contributed to the fleet replacement project, but they still needed $20,000 to cover the remainder of the replacement truck. That was exactly how much Loaves & Fishes received from The SPINX Company as a beneficiary of the 2018 SPINX Golf Charity Classic.

“Greenville Women Giving and SPINX are true partners to the nonprofit community, and we are thrilled to be able to put the donation to use by purchasing a new truck,” says Paulette Dunn, Executive Director, Loaves & Fishes. The replacement of the aging 2003 Ford F550 with a new Dodge RAM 5550 ensures that Loaves & Fishes can continue their effort of rescuing food, specifically fresh produce.

“We wholeheartedly believe in giving back to the communities we serve and are committed to supporting organizations that make a real difference in people’s everyday lives,” said Beth Thomason, Director of Marketing for The SPINX Company. “We’re honored to support Loaves & Fishes and the valuable services they provide to reduce hunger and provide rescued food for those in need in Greenville County,”

Since being awarded generous donations from both Greenville Women Giving and SPINX, Loaves & Fishes has purchased and received their new produce truck and is ready to christen it with community partners at an official ribbon cutting ceremony on September 24th. The community will most certainly benefit from this fleet replacement project as it helps divert millions of dollars’ worth of fresh produce from landfills every year. This good, fresh food is delivered to 96 local agencies that quite possibly couldn’t afford to supplement their missions without the deliveries made by Loaves & Fishes produce truck.

Each week, Loaves & Fishes rescues approximately 4,800 pounds of fresh produce on the truck that is being replaced due to increasing maintenance costs. As produce continues to increase in quantity it’s crucial that their entire fleet is sustainable – especially their produce truck. This combined funding effort from the Greenville community will sustain Loaves & Fishes’ mission of rescuing food and reducing hunger for many more years to come.

About Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is a nonprofit organization that reduces hunger in Greenville County by rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted and delivering it to nearly 100 partner organizations for distribution to those in need. Founded in 1991, we serve as a vital conduit through which businesses can contribute to the community in a meaningful way and surplus food can be maximized. Our goal is to eliminate food insecurity among our neighbors by working to ensure no good food goes to waste. For more information, please call 864-232-3595 or visit   ###