How to Get Involved with Food Rescue

How to Get Involved with Food Rescue

Maybe you know someone who’s been personally affected by hunger. Maybe you’ve been following Loaves & Fishes on Twitter and have become passionate about our work. Maybe you see the need but aren’t sure how to make a difference. No matter who you are or what skills you possess, there’s a way for you to get involved with food rescue.

1. Raising awareness

One of the most important ways you can help your community is by sharing what you have learned about food rescue. Most are unaware of how prevalent hunger is throughout the country and even in their own backyards. Sharing statistics about local hunger can have a major impact on your friends and colleagues and can spur them to action. Reducing hunger is possible if we all work together.

In addition, spreading the word about local non-profits that are working to end hunger can go a long way toward broadening their reach. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sharing our social posts or blog entries will help advance our cause in the community.

2. Donating money

If you want to be involved with food rescue, sometimes the best way to help is by writing a check. Non-profits will always need extra funding. Donating to Loaves & Fishes will help offset our operating costs. For example, our trucks average 712 miles per week and require maintenance, new tires and fuel. Our trucks can stay running with your donations.

3. Giving food

Even if you don’t have extra money, you probably have extra food. Another way to help your local food rescue organization is to donate any extra food you have. At Loaves & Fishes, we accept donations of:

  • Perishable foods
  • Prepared foods, such as surplus from catered events
  • Non-perishable (canned) foods
  • Fresh produce from gardens
  • Surplus from corporate events, parties or vendors

If you’re outside Greenville, check with your local food rescue organization to see what types of foods are allowed. Like us, some will even pick up donations for free if they will feed a certain number of people.

4. Volunteering

In the non-profit world, an extra set of hands is always needed, and volunteering can make a real difference in fighting hunger. In 2017, Loaves & Fishes volunteers logged 7,850 hours and rescued over 900,000 pounds of food! We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at Loaves & Fishes, from office work to event help. Check out our volunteer page for a current needs list.

Want to dive even deeper into food rescue? Learn how to apply what you’ve learned in your own home by reducing personal waste.