The Impact Food Rescue Makes on Other Nonprofits

The Impact Food Rescue Makes on Other Nonprofits

You’re probably aware by now of the effect food rescue has on fighting hunger and reducing waste. What you may not realize, however, is the impact food rescue has on other nonprofit organizations. In 2017, we distributed more than 2.2 million pounds of food to the 90+ nonprofit agencies we partner with across the Upstate. What kind of impact does food rescue have on these organizations?

Reduces their operating costs

One of the most significant ways food rescue impacts nonprofit organizations is by reducing their operating costs. Some organizations, such as homeless or women’s shelters, need to serve meals to those they assist. In those instances, the food that comes from rescue organizations significantly reduces how much these nonprofits need to spend on food costs. Other nonprofits that require food for their primary offerings, like food banks or food pantries, rely on food rescue organizations to supplement their provisions.

Expands their reach

Because food rescue allows these nonprofits to reduce their operating costs, monetary donations made to these organizations will go further. With more resources, these nonprofits can reach more people with their services. Food rescue allows nonprofits to maximize their own community impact.

Lowers their carbon footprint

Food rescue doesn’t just lower the carbon footprint of food donors; it also lowers the carbon footprint for nonprofits. Many of these organizations, like soup kitchens or shelters, are unable to predict exactly how many mouths they will need to feed on any given day. Because of this unpredictability, they work closely with food rescue organizations to ensure they are receiving the proper amounts of food. By helping reduce nonprofits’ food waste, food rescue organizations assist them in their environmental efforts.

Who do we help?

Some of the types of nonprofits we help are as follows:

  • Single meal providers, such as soup kitchens and breakfast programs
  • Nonprofit child care and afterschool/summer programs
  • Shelters and group homes
  • Senior programs
  • Community centers
  • Low-income housing for seniors and disabled citizens
  • Therapeutic programs supporting special populations

If you’re an agency interested in partnering with Loaves & Fishes on our food rescue services, please use this form to get started.